Somalia One Health Centre

Abrar University is proud to participate in the 7th Annual World One Health Day. Thanks to all those that were able to join us for our Global One Health Day event on 3rd Nov 2022. You are an important part of this special event and we sincerely appreciate your attendance!

One Health Day is a global campaign initiated in 2016 by the One Health Commission, the One Health Initiative and the One Health Platform to raise awareness about the One Health approach to complex health problems at the human-animal-environment interface.

Global One Health Day at the Somali One Health Centre of Abrar University – 2022 educates participants on the urgent need for a One Health collaborative, multisectoral, and transdisciplinary approach towards solving today’s critical global health challenges. The theme of the event is the environmental and social determinants of health.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Abdirizak M. Yusuf
Topic: The Role of the Environment in One Health (View the Document)
Dr. Abdirizak is a public health professional with more than 10 years of experience in the public health field. He holds B.Sc. MPH. MSc. Currently, he is the National Surveillance Consultant, at FMoH. Demonstrated, excellent leadership, training, capacity building, and partnership skills at all levels in the health and WASH program management, primary health care, research planning, project implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. He published a couple of scientific articles in open-access international peer-review journals. 
Sayid-Jamal Kalif Abdi
Topic: Effects and Consequences of Disasters on Public Health (View the Document)
Prof. Sayid Jamal Kalif is a senior lecturer at Jigjiga University. Sayid Jamal held a number of high-level leadership positions throughout his time in higher education and other institutions including serving as the coordinator of Joint master programs between Jigjiga University and Somaliland/Somalia universities. He has academic and field experience, and a track record in providing leadership and technical direction to academia, government institutions, and humanitarian organizations, and specialized in disaster risk management and humanitarian operations. He is the founder of the Disaster Risk management program that Jigjiga University is offering Master-level programs in the Somali region of Ethiopia and Somaliland.
Sayid Jamal is a PhD Candidate and possesses graduate degrees in different fields including a Master’s in Disaster risk management and sustainable development, a Master of Business Administration, a BA in Sociology and a Diploma in human resource management, He has over 15 years of experience in teaching, development & public service delivery, disaster risk management and humanitarian assistance, with strong familiarity with international norms, minimum standards, and best practices in the field of disaster risk management, development and humanitarian assistance.
Sayid Jamal has worked for many organizations including Jigjiga University, United Nations organizations, European union projects in Ethiopia and other NGOs operating in the Somali region of Ethiopia and is interested to engage in development and humanitarian assistance provided by Academic institutions, UN/NGO, National Societies, Donors and Government.
Moderator – Questions and Answers with the Speakers

Dr. Mohamed Abdulkadir Shair, BVM, MSc
Abrar University, Somalia