Message of Dean College of Veterinary Medicine

It gives me great pleasure to write proudly and confidently this message about Abrar University (AU), the most prestigious, promising University in Somalis and a major learning and research university that offers an incomparable setting for study and provides a highly motivating learning environment which has proven to be deeply effective and contributes much to creativity and innovation. Abrar University is a modern university with a broad mission to undergraduate, graduate education, research, and service to society. The university offers bachelors, masters and Ph.D. degree programs in Veterinary Medicine in collaboration with other international universities and institutes. Currently, it has highly qualified, prominent, well-respected and distinguished professors whose top priority is the success of students.

It is well recognized that Somalia is a food-producing country through its unique livestock population as well as fish and rangeland resources. That is not only due to the presence of the largest count of the best animal species (Camelus dromedarious), “geel” but also sheep, goats and cattle as well. Before the civil war, Somali veterinarians are one of the important references of animal sciences in Africa. However, nowadays the students of veterinary Medicine are only 0.7% among other university studies in the country (Ref). Based on this, College of Veterinary Medicine, Abrar University provides a well-designed curriculum with at least 20% credit hours of practical sessions in the first two years and not less than 30% credit hours of the practical session in the last two years of the curriculum.

The mission of CVM/AU is to achieve sustained excellence in the interrelated areas of undergraduate and postgraduate veterinary education, besides research and community services through several highly successful outreach programs. Excellence in teaching and the continuous updating of curricula in the field of Veterinary Medicine, quality students through whom the College has gained a strong national, regional and worldwide reputation and recognition over the years.

The research excellence of our highly talented and dedicated faculty helps CVM/AU to be internationally known in areas of applied and life sciences. Meanwhile, in its relentless pursuit of excellence and ongoing initiatives, the College will continue its rise among other regional and international Veterinary Medicine Colleges. Yet, we will spare no effort, whatsoever, to achieve “best in class” status within the region and globally. I am confident that in few coming years we can add yet another chapter to the story of CVM/AU’s success. It is a great honor and a pleasure for me to have this opportunity to acknowledge all the university members for having made this success possible. Let us all take pride in the good work we did as one team with the utmost integrity, dedication, and professionalism.

Dr. Abdalla Mohamed Ibrahim
Dean College of Veterinary Medicine
Abrar University
Ph.D. Veterinary Parasitology

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