Message of Dean College of Economics & Management Science


Welcome to the College of Economics and Management Science (CEMS).

I am honored to serve as Dean for the College of Economics and Management Science at Abraar University. Since the announcement of my appointment, I have met with Abraar Administration, faculty staff and students in my efforts to better improvement for curriculum of the College. The college’s vision is to advance national priorities and gain international recognition through the achievement of excellence in Economics, Finance, Business, Accounting & Management Science, research and professional practice. We aim to offer quality education to our students and develop student’s leadership and managerial skills by integrating creative thinking and problem solving in the curriculum design.

We work to build strong ties with Local and international institutions and promote basic and applied research. We provide a challenging, and stimulating, learning environment for students. Within the context of Economics and Management, our students learn to think critically, take on leadership roles, solve problems, communicate effectively, make presentations, write technical reports, solve case studies and simulation in class, work in teams, and mature as individuals. We are committed to provide a learning experience that is rigorous, relevant and rewarding.

Somalia is “characterized by a severe lack of basic economic and social statistics”. This situation has been exacerbated by the civil war and institutional collapse, although even prior to Somalia’s state failure, data was often unreliable. As a result of improved security conditions there are indicators for economic development. It is an opportunity and challenge for the economic people to conduct a systematic analyses and research to generate reliable data for private and public institutions to take decisions viable to the recovering economy of the new Somalia.

CEMS is an exciting place to study and grow. If you are a prospective student, you’ll find information about how and when to apply, admission requirements and the programs we offer. I hope that you will find the contents of our website interesting and informative. We also welcome your comments and suggestions. we are eager to know what you are interested in and where you want to go.


A degree in economics & Management Science provides you with an array of subject-specific and transferable skills highly sought after by employers.
Jobs directly related to your degree include:
* Business Entrepreneur
* Diplomatic service officer
* Investment analyst
* Government officer
* Management consultant
* Policy & Strategic Planner
* Public finance Officer
* Accountant
* Data analyst
* Economist
* Risk analyst
*Bank Officer
* Statistician
* Researcher

Mr. Mohamed A Warsame
Dean College of Economics & MGT Science

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