1.    Admission and Registration

  • Admission

Admission to all programmes at the university are granted on the basis of merit as determined through students’ academic records. Applicants for admission are provided with a prospectus which provides details about the admission procedures. Applicants may also obtain the essential details for a particular program by visiting the Office of the Registrar or University website.

1.1.1. Admissions types

v Fresh Student Admission

The AU accepts students who have not enrolled in another university after the completion of the general secondary school

Applicant should have been graduated from secondary school within the range of 5 years and not more than that.

All applicants are required to pay a non-refundable admission fee.

An applicant must submit the following materials:

Completed application form (appendix 2)

Two photograph (passport size)

Original and copy of Secondary Leaving Certificate

Proof of payment of admission fee

v  Transfer Admission

The university accepts undergraduate programme applicants transferring from other recognized institutions of education (external transfer) and within the AU colleges (internal transfer). Decision concerning the rejection or acceptance will be issued after passing the application to the concerned college. Transfer applicants are eligible for consideration for admission subject to meeting the following conditions:

  • External transfer

The student should have spent a semester at least in a recognized university.

Transfer is allowed from the institutions / universities recognized by the University senate.

Transfer of credits only for those courses with similar title, standard, duration, credit hours and matching description.

Students dismissed for any reason from his/her previous university shall not be allowed to transfer to the Abrar University.

The CGPA should be minimum 2.00 out of 4.00 or the equivalent.

Students should have to spend at least 50% of the total prescribed duration of study in the Abrar University.

The following documents are required for transfer:

Completed transfer application form (appendix 3)

Two photograph (passport size).

Original and copy of Secondary Leaving Certificate

Transcript Certificate from the concerned University

Course descriptions

Foreign Certificates must be authenticated by the concerned authorities as well as the Somali Embassy in the pertinent country

Proof of payment of registration fee

  • Internal transfer

Students do not have an automatic right to change degree programme both inter-college and intra-college transfers. If a student has the necessary entry qualifications and places are available, they may be considered for transfer.

Students will remain registered on the current programme until official approval is obtained.

A student considering a change of degree programme should in the first instance discuss the potential change with the current and receiving college/department directors.

Changing your degree programme might have implications on the duration of your study, your fees and/or funding, the Registrar can give advice on this.

Students who wish to transfer degree programmes after the fourth week of teaching in the semester will not normally be allowed to do so within the same academic year. If you have missed the deadline for an ‘in-year’ transfer, but believe there are exceptional circumstances you should talk to receiving college’s dean.

All prior earned credits will be re-evaluated for applicability to the new college or department.

Complete the Programme Transfer form and Submit the completed form to the Registration Office (appendix 4).

All applicants will be notified of their decision by letter within two weeks after the application. Upgrading Admission

Application for up-grading shall be addressed to the University Senate. The final decision shall be issued after the evaluation by the Registrar’s Office and the recommendation of the dean in the respective college.

Only technical diplomas of 2 or 3 years shall be eligible for upgrading to the level of bachelor degree.

Holders of Technical Diploma with Outstanding grade shall not require a job experience for up-grading.

Holders of Technical Diploma with Very good grade shall require two years’ job experience in their field for upgrading.

All regulations adopted in the academic year shall apply to the upgrading students accepted in that year.

1.1.2. Admissions Decision

The AU uses a holistic review process to carefully consider applicants in an individualized context. This requires a deep, comprehensive understanding of the academic context from which you are applying. In addition to academic achievements, we are interested in the behaviours and attitudes, such as a love of learning and intellectual curiosity, that make students great learners and full contributors to the vibrancy of a campus community. We seek to admit students who will contribute fully to campus life.

The application is then reviewed by the concerned departments for an admission recommendation.

If the applicant meets admission criteria, the Admissions Office notifies the applicant by letter.

Applicants whose academic records are not competitive within the overall applicant pool will be denied admission. The Admissions Office notifies the applicant of that decision by letter.

1.1.3. Ineligibility of Admission

Students who have previously been dropped from a programme for academic reasons shall not be permitted to re-join the same programme but allowed to join other programmes and this subjects to fulfilment of basic eligibility criteria of that programme.

Students expelled for disciplinary reasons shall not be allowed to re-join the University. However, the University senate is competent to make any decision on recommendations of the Dean of the concerned college.

  • Migration to other Universities

Students requesting migration from Abrar University to any other University shall have to submit a Student application on the prescribed format addressed to the Registrar (appendix 5).

The Registrar is competent to issue the Migration certificate after finalization of all the required documents.

Freezing of Semester

Students may be allowed to freeze the semester due to illness and circumstances beyond control by giving a written application to Registrar Office (appendix 6).

A student may be allowed to freeze the semester anytime during the course till three weeks before the commencement of final Examinations. Nevertheless, he/she is required to deposit tuition fee of the semester, prior requesting to freeze.

Fresh students are not allowed to freeze the semester without payment of the admission processing fee and the submission of the complete documents required meeting the basic eligibility.

A registered student shall have a maximum of two freezing chances during the entire course of his/her study in the University.

Such student shall not be allowed to undertake any academic activity during the freezing period.

Students allowed for freeze of semester shall have to resume their studies in the immediate next regular academic year otherwise his/her name shall be struck off from the roll of the University without any prior notice.